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    RBS has just released its first P.O.S system running on Win8 Tablets. This powerful mobile solution will change the way Restaurants do business. Also available for Spas, Hair & Nail Salons.

    This new mobile solution eliminates the industry’s “bridging problems” between Microsoft Windows and other mobile IOS devices. RBS Tablets will run as a complete and powerful P.O.S system on its own even when the Main P.O.S systems are down

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    RBS Engineers Group is working on one of the world’s first innovative Device that will allow Diners to take control of their desired service. This device will look like a small wireless LCD screen at every dining table where diners can press “SERVICE” to page the waiter’s wrist watch for service or “BILL” to page the waiter’s wrist watch for bill. This device is also equipped with the new contactless EMV credit card terminal where diners can also tap their credit card on the device to process their payment right at the table. When the PAYMENT button is pressed, it will show the bill detail and total and will prompt for credit/debit card payment

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    Business Party 2015

    FLOOR DIAGRAM Intro Video